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Rental industry

High investments, high level of maintenance, freezing of capital, depreciation of equipment, ... These are all reasons why more and more companies choose to hire equipment. They want the assurance that the equipment complies with the law and they don't want to lose time with the administration of an extended fleet.

The rental company has to have a wide range of material, a lot of flexibility, wide availability, expert advice and service management. To meet these requirements iFacto developed Rental +, integrated software that offers a complete solution.


  • Equipmentmanagement
  • Availability calendar
  • Service management & workshop orders
  • Rental administration
  • Purchase & Sales
  • Financial integration
  • Reporting

Rental + is the solution

The hierarchical structure of Rental+ offers the optimal structure to house all your rental equipment.

  • General settings are defined for object groups and are adopted when creating underlying object types. 
  • Integrated Accounting through posting groups
  • Link with fixed assets (category, depreciation journal, posting groups, number of depreciation years)
  • Link with service management module
  • Statistics for object groups
  • Rental setting (calendar, billable days, rental/hour)

Next, all settings defined for object types are copied to the object when creating new objects

Welding Company Better control over rental activities thanks to Rental + To support the increasingly important rental activities better, Welding Company decided to switch to integrated business

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