Distri + for wholesale and distribution companies

  • Streamlined business processes
  • Fast access to the correct information
  • Extensive options for analysis

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Distri2 Wholesale & distribution

Wholesale & distribution

Are you a supplier of electronic equipment, hardware, sanitary, decorations, building material, car parts,… and do you lose a lot of time today to:

− Manually enter a catalogue and price lists
− Receiving goods in several stages: one employee is responsible for the physical receipt and another registers the receipts administratively
− Look up product details in catalogues when booking orders
− Inconsistent methodology of several screens
− Difficult training of new employees


  • Sales flow
  • Product, customer and supplier management
  • Flexible pricing structures and - contracts
  • Container Planning
  • Stock, warehouse, logistics
  • After-sales service
  • Complaints management
  • Financial management


Distri +, the essence

Each industry has its own specific needs. Thanks to the extensive experience of iFacto all the special needs for wholesale and distribution are collected in the add-on Distri+ . The features of Distri + are an addition to the standard features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In this way, you benefit the standard features and also the specific industry features.

A few examples are:
- the copper rate can be set daily, so the copper articles’ prices are always calculated correctly
- taxes on appliances or lamps are calculated and the Recupel contributions are followed perfectly on the sales side as well as the purchasing side

Piscaer The future in the showroom of Piscaer Electrical wholesaler Piscaer from Mechelen was stuck with his old IT infrastructure.

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