This is the best methodology matched with your situation

We together determine which methodology best suits your company. We use either the ‘iFacto Waterfall for ERP’ method, based on Microsoft Sure Step, where we consecutively plan the timing for the agreed concept prior to development. Or we together opt for the ‘iFacto Scrum for ERP’ approach, where we tackle and deliver a combination of points in a number of sprints according to the priorities you set yourself.

iFacto Waterfall for ERP

The stages of the project are examined in sequence: from analysis to acceptance. Each of the stages is supported with the necessary tools and spread across measurable milestones. A consultant guides you through the different stages and will assist you with the choices that must made, with the testing of the application and the supply of the necessary data. At the periodic steering meetings we validate the progress of the different stages and the budget, along with a discussion of the planning.

Diagnostic investigation

During the sales process iFacto starts with a diagnostic investigation in which we set out the requirements and desires of the customer before translating this into a demo for the standard application. A first budget estimate is made based on this information.

Business process analysis

We then set out the business processes. The BPA describes the processes, the implementation decisions and possible adaptations and will serve as blueprint for your course of implementation.

Installation and set-up

The implementation process starts during the installation and setup phase. After a kickoff meeting the software is installed and your system is set up.

Detail system set-up

We further elaborate the basis created in the installation and setup phase during system detailing. Here the consultant and the customer together further fine-tune and parameterise the system. A first pilot conversion takes place. The customer starts the first constituent tests and documents the work instructions. This phase closes with a simulation with all key users becoming familiar with the processes.

Deployment phase

The training takes place in the deployment phase, along with the user acceptance tests and final conversion. The project team releases the project before the Go-live milestone is reached.

Operational phase

You can also call upon our consultants with the start-up if needed. You will then be further supported by the support team.

iFacto Scrum for ERP

A scrum project is divided into short sprints. During each spring we analyse, implement, test and deliver a part of the solution. At the start of each sprint we use the list of outstanding items to together determine which are the most important to be included the sprint at that time. A sprint lasts between 3 and 4 weeks during which we carry out all the work to have the selected items realized and accepted.