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Delta Light ® gets a service level of 98% thanks to MRP and WMS

Delta Light in Wevelgem adheres to high standards concerning the delivery time of their design lighting products. Given the large number of products and components, Delta Light appeals to a powerful business management system. iFacto is already six years the software partner of Delta Light. Together they laid an impressive track with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. of accounting, sales, production planning and equipment planning to warehouse planning. Thanks to the joint effort, Delta Light works very efficiently and customers can fully benefit from the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Delta Light 1

"Microsoft Dynamics is heavily underestimated by manufacturing companies. Microsoft Dynamics ERP is, for our needs,  as strong as SAP i believe. Maybe even a lot more flexible. "

Jan Blomme, IT Manager, Delta Light


Delta Light is a prominent architectural designer and manufacturar of architectural lighting. The headquarters employs 200 people and has a turnover of around 55 million euros. Delta Light exports to more than 100 countries around the world.


Delta Light was looking for an ERP system that would automate every process without compromising flexibility within the company.


iFacto implemented Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform and then expanded it with MRP and WMS functionality.


• Transparency throughout the entire process chain
• Analytical accounting
• Smooth and accurate purchasing and production planning thanks to MRP
• Better communication with customers and suppliers via portal site
• Correct pickings and stock thanks to WMS
• Cycle counting replacing stock count
• Flexibility asset within the company
• Relationship of trust with iFacto