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Smet Group chooses Microsoft Dynamics ERP for a second time

After implementing Smet Production the business software Chocolaterie Smet was also set up with Microsoft Dynamics. Smet chose this solution because of the total solution with unique focus on the food industry and the experience of the implementation team within the sector.

Smet is a renowned Belgian company with a very wide range, specializing in quality products consisting of semi-finished products such as chocolate, candied fruit and shavings, as well as finished products in the form of hollow chocolate figures in all shapes and sizes. Smet is a leading supplier decoration and problem-solver for the industry for over 50 years.


Microsoft Dynamics ERP and SI Foodware streamline sales, production and procurement of Smet. A transparent stock-monitoring and unambiguous promised delivery dates are key in Smets customer service.

Season stock

Range management, seasonal items , ... parameters Smet manages organized with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and SI Foodware. Orders are often placed far ahead , but Smet can also answer immediatly regarding the promised delivery time (taking available stock, transport times , production times , procurement times , ...into account).

To monitor the business Smet also reports this season sales compared to the managed in MS Dynamics budgets. Smet uses the FoodFit dashboard of SI Foodware submitted with KPIs and reports.


With Microsoft Dynamics ERP and SI Foodware Smet meets to external requirements of legislation and clients at once. Based on a unique number the goods are registerd, used and made up within the system. Together with the registration number of the supplier of raw materials and the registration of sustainability within MS Dynamics ERP and SI Foodware, Smet is able to trace from raw material to finished product with just the push of a button.

Integration logistics partner

In cooperation with the logistical partner of Smet a communication is set. Messages between the logistics service and Smet and go back and forth between the two systems so that inventories , order statuses , ... are accuratly followed up.

Quality assurance

Quality is very important for Smet. A centralized product specification database with nutritional values​​, ingredients, allergens , product information, ... is indispensable. Together with iFacto Smet implemented this which calculates the product specification automatically.

Lab results can be incorporated into the quality control of MS Dynamics ERP and SI Foodware. The complaints management system, along with the product specifications, traceability and quality control, give the quality manager all the tools to sustain a quality assurance.