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Three leading moving companies pioneer in software solution Move+

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Speed Colli, Dockx Movers Meys & Zonen, threewell-known companies in the moving industry, joined forces to implement their removal activities. A brand new software solution, Move+, from IT partner iFacto sets, a new standard already for the automation of movers. The heart of the solution is the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform with its innovative role-based user environment.

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"IFacto had to develop the new solution, taking into account the specific processes of a moving company. A removal order is indeed a complex project, you have a lot of people and resources to schedule: not only the staff, but also the desired moving truck, ladder lifts, packaging material, blankets, etc. "

Guy Vanlimbergen, CEO at Speed ​​Colli


Speed Colli, Dockx Group and Meys & Zonen are three leading moving companies.


The three companies joined forces in cooperation with IT partner iFacto to develop a software solution that would integrate all aspects of a moving company.


iFacto developed Move + on top of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


• Accounting, billing, scheduling and furniture storage are integrated in a standard solu tion
• No more double data entry
• Better view of availability of personnel, vehicles, ladder lifts, ...
• User and role-based screens
• A platform that can grow with the company