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Blue Moon

Blue Moon specializes in audiovisual support at company events, has more than 20 years of experience in the sector, and completes 1,400 projects each year. The company from Aartselaar wanted more control of and insight in its accounting processes and financial situation with future growth in mind. That was why the company chose cooperation with iFacto, who implemented the Microsoft Dynamics NAV financial module at Blue Moon. This module automates the accounts and has made the financial workflow at Blue Moon much more efficient.

Gregory Buytaert & Mathieu D'Hondt (Blue Moon)


As a full real estate service provider, Bopro works on the management of the whole life cycle of buildings. Bopro switched to Microsoft Dynamics NAV for its accounts. This platform offered the possibility of optimizing the flow of incoming and outgoing invoices while automating with, the document management solution from IT partner Ex Arte. The project is in a first phase in Bopro’s endeavors to digitize the entire document flow.


The IT & sales manager at the NBN encountered difficulties in implementing thorough reorganization because of the old custom-made package. He knew that Microsoft Dynamics NAV offered the necessary structure and flexibility to support his ideas. In iFacto he found an IT partner who shared his vision and who could complete the implementation in the very short term. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers the NBN crystal-clear accounting figures, good cooperation between all departments, a better service… in short, peace of mind.

Peter Brosens (NBN) & Peter Sente (iFacto)


Showtex, established in Antwerp, is known worldwide in the entertainment business as a trendsetter in textile decoration for theatres, concerts, television, museums and fairs. Today the company has establishments in Antwerp, the Netherlands, Dubai and Hong Kong. Showtex recently switched to a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV business system to better follow its international activities logistically, commercially and financially. The company appreciated the smooth cooperation and the professional knowledge and skills of IT partner iFacto, who brought the project to a successful conclusion.