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Qualiphar in Bornem opted for an integrated ERP package to be able to more efficiently comply with the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical sector. IT partner iFacto Business Solutions implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the basic platform for far-reaching process optimization. The company added a large amount of extra functionality at the same time. The use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV gave Qualiphar transparent and integrated processes, streamlined manufacturing and distribution, and a stronger market position with respect to external customers.

De Boer

De Boer in Schoten, a third generation family business, knows how to maintain success in competition with a number of giants as a flexible and innovative producer of roof sealing products. Their secret: quality and flexibility. The latter is made possible by means including Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the standard ERP system that efficiently automates all processes at De Boer while making the business information available to everyone.

Delta Light®

Delta Light® in Wevelgem sets itself strict requirements for delivery periods for their design lighting articles. In view of the large number of products and parts, Delta Light® uses a powerful business management system. iFacto Business Solutions has already been the software partner of Delta Light® for six years. They have made impressive progress together with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. From accounting, sales and manufacturing, to material planning and warehouse management. Thanks to the joint efforts Delta Light® now operates with superb efficiency and can also have its customers fully benefit from the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Stany Vervaet (iFacto), Frank Depoorter, Jan Blomme & Hans Maet (Delta Light)


Powder coating company MetaCoat in Lummen came up with an ultramodern installation, far-reaching automation on the shop floor and an environmentally friendly manufacturing method. There was, however, much room for improvement on an administrative level. MetaCoat therefore decided to invest in Microsoft Dynamics NAV: a comprehensive standard ERP system that allows the flexible integration of custom work modules. iFacto succeeded in translating the specific requirements of the powder coating company into an intelligent and transparent pricing system. The comprehensive graphic planning module Planning+ was seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. MetaCoat gains a great deal more from the new solution than initially expected, and is exceptionally satisfied as a result.

Frank Simons (MetaCoat)

Nof Metal Coatings Europe

NOF Metal Coatings Europe is the European subsidiary of NOF Metal Coatings Group, which belongs to the Japanese chemical group NOF Corporation. The group is the inventor of patented zinc-containing anti-corrosion coatings. The coatings ensure a high level of protection against corrosion with a low-thickness dry film. They are the benchmark in the auto and truck industry, and in other industrial sectors such as renewable energy. In 2011 NOF Metal Coatings decided to upgrade the existing Axapta 3.0 ERP system to the most recent version, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. NOF chose iFacto as its partner because of its knowledge and experience in the Semi-Process industry.

BouMatic Robotics

BouMatic Robotics B.V. (BMR) is a dynamic Dutch company focusing on robotization in the dairy farming. The knowledge of and experience in milk technology of American sister company BouMatic goes back generations. BouMatic Robotics has been able to integrate this vast knowledge and experience in a series of modern robots used worldwide in the dairy sector.