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Missault produces high quality ice-cream using traditional techniques. Besides the automated production process, some parts have retained their traditional nature to guarantee the exclusivity and flexibility of the range. The strong growth of this company increasingly required an integrated business application. The need to centrally manage information and to limit administrative operations led Missault to decide to explore the ERP market.  The search ended at Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware, a universal total solution with a strong focus on the food industry. Missault put its trust in iFacto because of its comprehensive experience in the food industry.


Rabbit produces ready-made meals with fresh ingredients under a private label or the Rabbit brand. Fresh vegetables are the key with the focus on producing fresh salad meals. Vegetables are freshly purchased and cut every day. This is the starting point for adding value.
Rabbit started its search, not for a supplier, but for a partner. This was to be a partner who would guide them with the automation of integrated business processes to arrive at process optimization, as little stock as possible, a competitive advantage in quality monitoring and follow-up, waste material reduction and as efficient as possible business administration. They found this partner in iFacto, who together with Rabbit rolled out the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SI Foodware total solution.


Aveno, established in the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, produces and trades liquid vegetable oils, premium olive oil, long life frying oil and fats, margarine, tropical or “Fridge-free" margarines, baking margarine, bread improvers, … for domestic and international buyers. With a total solution such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV SI Foodware, Aveno strengthens and optimizes its broad and diversified production capacity, while enabling the company to satisfy the wishes of its customers. As a young and dynamic company Aveno has opted for a package with which they can automate their growing business processes, together with iFacto who joins up with them as a partner.


After the implementation of Smet Production, the business software at Chocolaterie Smet was also set up with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Smet made this choice of a total solution with a unique focus on the food industry, along with the broad experience of the implementation team in the sector. Smet is a reputable Belgian company offering an extremely wide range, specializing in high quality goods consisting of semi-finished products including chocolate, preserved fruit and shavings, and also finished products in the form of hollow chocolate figures in all shapes and sizes. Smet has already been a leading delicacy supplier and problem-solver for the industry for 50 years.

Vermeiren Princeps

Vermeiren Princeps needed an ERP system specifically for a food company to make its further growth controllable. That is why they opted for SI Foodware from iFacto
based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With this solution, the producer of traditional spiced biscuit enjoys benefits such as clear insight into stock, and purchasing and production planning now take place fully automatically. Above all, each employee now has greater insight in all processes, there is more information transparency, and the error rate has been considerably reduced.