iFacto AX for Pharma: ERP software for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies are confronted by challenges that go much further than standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) – complex operations, advanced project and quality management, compliance with strict laws and regulations and a whole lot more. iFacto AX for Pharma is an addition to the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX needed by each and every pharmaceutical and life sciences company!

Enhance your compliance with EU and FDA regulations

With the AX for Pharma module you are in compliance with the GMP and GDP requirements, in particular Eudralex volume 4 Annex 11 and 21 CFR Part 11.

You can assign a qualification status and associated quality status to each supplier. Make thorough batch tracing possible by allocating a code to a (sub)batch and process quality orders with approval workflows.

Fully follow up all changes with the electronic signature functionality. You can approve the customer list, or require approval by the authorized person before dispatch.

Faster and flexible production management

Your process-driven production activities must take place with greater flexibility and speed to be able to meet the needs of your company and industry.

Manage your materials and articles with multi-dimensional stock structures. Make sure that your users have accessible, real-time information on the status of production performance and the costs involves.

With the Advanced Quality Management & LIMS module you join the R&D department up with the rest of your organization and product and laboratory information is managed better. Use AX for Pharma to apply the best practices in your value chain!

Efficient warehouse management

Deliver quickly, correctly and in conformity with EU and FDA regulations by managing your warehouse with exceptional efficiency with AX for Pharma. With the warehouse scanning extension you gain speed from both a flexible warehouse setup and a controlling WMS.

Controlling warehouse management system

Besides having a flexible warehouse, with Microsoft Dynamics AX you can operate a controlling WMS system where the software will determine the rules in your warehouse concerning:

  • Receipt
  • Movement/Picking
  • Dispatch
  • Quarantine
  • Reserved locations
  • Reserved products
  • Inventory

Flexible warehouse

With Microsoft Dynamics AX you can quickly receive goods and have them placed in free locations in the warehouse. You can immediately transfer backorders. The warehouseman can place the goods in the correct racks with the movement function. Picking and sending article takes place quickly and with the necessary flexibility.

Working together on a goal-oriented implementation

iFacto brings together its experience of implementation processes for over 300 companies. Our implementation process is based on proven methods, while being fine-tuned to match your situation. Our project approach guarantees good preparation and close monitoring of the different project stages, the project plan, the timing and the budget by our project managers.

Diagnostic investigation

During the sales process iFacto starts with a diagnostic investigation in which we set out the requirements and desires of the customer before translating this into a demo for the standard application. A first budget estimate is made based on this information.

Business process analysis

We then set out the business processes. The BPA describes the processes, the implementation decisions and possible adaptations and will serve as blueprint for your course of implementation.

Installation and set-up

The implementation process starts during the installation and setup phase. After a kickoff meeting the software is installed and your system is set up.

Detail system set-up

We further elaborate the basis created in the installation and setup phase during system detailing. Here the consultant and the customer together further fine-tune and parameterise the system. A first pilot conversion takes place. The customer starts the first constituent tests and documents the work instructions. This phase closes with a simulation with all key users becoming familiar with the processes.

Deployment phase

The training takes place in the deployment phase, along with the user acceptance tests and final conversion. The project team releases the project before the Go-live milestone is reached.

Operational phase

You can also call upon our consultants with the start-up if needed. You will then be further supported by the support team.

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iFacto: celebrating our 15th anniversary and opening a brand new location in Kortrijk
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iFacto: celebrating our 15th anniversary and opening a brand new location in Kortrijk

26 February 2019
Over the past 15 years iFacto has taken more than 300 SME to the next level by analyzing, optimizing and computerizing their business processes. Managing Partner Steven Arrazola de Onate: “In 2018 we achieved a record revenue of 10 million euros. This year we also celebrate our 15th anniversary and I’m very pleased with our long-term partnerships of Varo, Katoen Nation, Accent Group, Filliers,  … “. iFacto focuses especially on the wholesale and distribution, food-, production- and services companies by implementing ERP software based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, NAV or AX. In these sectors iFacto is the Belgian market leader.   Steven: “Walk the talk is our statement. Creating added value, building good customer relationship and yielding within time and budget are the fundamentals to our customers. They can rely on a team of good educated and experienced consultants. In a meanwhile we this team has 70 employees. Past year iFacto welcomed 10 new employees and is still searching for new enthusiastic  members. Steven: ,,This year We also got nominated for Trends Gazelle, which is a nice reward to everybody in the organization.’’ For the coming years iFacto is expecting a lot of growth potential.  iFacto would like to realize a growth of 50% and anchor on west-Flemish ground. To realize that we opened a new office in Kortrijk. Steven continues: ,,Opening a new office is a strategic choice to extend our business in West Flanders, but also a nice to have for our local colleagues. It saves them the long daily rides to our headquarters in Kontich or Hasselt.’’ ,,And last but not least iFacto wants to realize 33 projects, add 20 new customers and 15 new consultants, developers and project managers. A year full of challenges, but we love to be challenged.’’
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iFacto  nominated for Trends Gazelle 2019

iFacto nominated for Trends Gazelle 2019

7 January 2019
iFacto nominated for Trends Gazelle 2019 From a group of 67.000 other companies iFacto has been nominated for the rewards of Trends Gazelle 2019. Over 18 years Trends, a business magazine elects the award Trends Gazelle in each region. Nominees are based on figures of turn-over, new employees and added value. ,,All these competitive companies are stimulating a positive business environment. Each of them act like an inspiring role model of innovation and employment opportunities.'' ,,We are very proud of this nomination. It’s a nice reward we have achieved by working hard with the whole company.’’ Steven Arrazole de Onate (CEO iFacto Group). On February 27th and March 28th respectively the Trends Gazellen Ambassador Antwerp and Nation will be elected. We are looking forward to it!
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