ERP software for wholesale and distribution

iFacto Distri+ is our own addition of functionality needed by each wholesaler or distributor. The functionality is added to the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP application. With this addition to DISTRI+ you gain all the benefits of a standard ERP system, along with all the needs common to your sector!

Strengthen your sales channels

Manage your multi-channel sales at speed. With Distri+ you can enter your orders in various ways.

With comprehensive counter sales you can work with associated scanning, create customers and quickly draw up offers with gross and net prices. With the PowerSearch you can also search hundreds of thousands of articles by article name, parts of names, article specifications, synonyms of articles or even non-stock articles!

Besides the counter function Distri+ has a catalogue of articles in a tree structure that you can export to graphical systems by XML! Have your representatives enter an order on the move, or directly create offers or orders from your email with copy and paste!

EDI Framework

With the standard EDI framework you easily create integration with transporters, large-scale distribution or suchlike.

Sana Commerce

Extend Distri+ to the 100% integrated e-commerce application Sana Commerce!

Improve your purchasing

Arm yourself against longer payment periods at your customers and the enormous pressure on prices and margins by improving your purchase planning.

Coordinate your purchases better with the purchase proposal function in Distri+ with which you base purchases on various parameters (min., max., sales and consumption history, ABC analysis, etc.).

Meticulously follow your purchases from overseas with container planning in DISTRI+ so you can communicate clearly with your customers about orders, deliveries, etc.

With Distri+ you can simply create new articles and efficiently introduce price changes. Quickly read in price lists from Excel using a template per supplier. Articles no longer in the range can be detected and given a changed article status.

Efficient warehouse management

Deliver quickly and correctly by managing your warehouse highly efficiently with Distri+. With the warehouse scanning extension you gain speed from both a flexible warehouse setup and a controlling WMS.

Controlling Warehouse Management System

Besides having a flexible warehouse, with DISTRI+ you can operate a controlling WMS system where the software will determine the rules in your warehouse concerning:

  • Receipt
  • Movement
  • Picking
  • Dispatch
  • Inventory

Flexible warehouse

With Distri+ you can quickly receive goods and have them placed in free locations in the warehouse. You can immediately transfer backorders.

The warehouseman can place the goods in the correct racks with the movement function. Picking and sending article takes place quickly and with the necessary flexibility.