iFacto Rental+: ERP software for the rental sector

iFacto Rental+ is an ERP solution with specific rental functionality based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You then manage all rental administration at your company with one and the same software system. iFacto Rental+ is in other words integrated rental software that offers a complete solution!

Manage your rental fleet

Manage rental objects with or without serial number in a simple way with iFacto Rental+. Create bulk templates to rent a set of articles in a single transaction. The handy availability calendar enables you to manage rental in the short and long term for a wide range of material.

You can then follow each rental object in detail based on status:

  • available
  • reserved
  • on rental
  • signed off
  • ready for collection
  • maintenance

Do you wish to sell extra articles with the rental offer or rental contract? This becomes simplicity itself with integration with the other Microsoft Dynamics NAV modules.

A clearer view of your figures

Gain a full understanding of your figures with numerous customary reports for a rental business: capacity utilization, Return-On-Investment (ROI), efficiency calculations, maintenance reports, etc. Integration with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV financial module enables the presentation of figures in a clear and convenient manner.

Use the fixed assets module to depreciate your rental objects. With the sale of each rental object you then know the exact residual value of the object, what the capacity utilization was, how often maintenance took place and its nature.

Optimize your workplace

With iFacto Rental+ you can control and optimize your rental fleet in a simple manner. You can record odometer readings, kilometers driven, the number of running hours and fuel consumption, and plan preventive inspections and maintenance using the workplace orders or service module.

Workplace orders

With Rental+ you quickly repair minor damage and note and invoice both working hours and materials for your customers. You can follow-up which objects are being worked on at the workplace because the status of the rental objects automatically changes.

Service module

Besides workplace orders, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a service module allowing you exercise control along with the workplace orders. Preventive maintenance and maintenance on location is simple to follow!

Working together on a goal-oriented implementation

iFacto brings together its experience of implementation processes for over 300 companies. Our implementation process is based on proven methods, while being fine-tuned to match your situation. Our project approach guarantees good preparation and close monitoring of the different project stages, the project plan, the timing and the budget by our project managers.

Diagnostic investigation

During the sales process iFacto starts with a diagnostic investigation in which we set out the requirements and desires of the customer before translating this into a demo for the standard application. A first budget estimate is made based on this information.

Business process analysis

We then set out the business processes. The BPA describes the processes, the implementation decisions and possible adaptations and will serve as blueprint for your course of implementation.

Installation and set-up

The implementation process starts during the installation and setup phase. After a kickoff meeting the software is installed and your system is set up.

Detail system set-up

We further elaborate the basis created in the installation and setup phase during system detailing. Here the consultant and the customer together further fine-tune and parameterise the system. A first pilot conversion takes place. The customer starts the first constituent tests and documents the work instructions. This phase closes with a simulation with all key users becoming familiar with the processes.

Deployment phase

The training takes place in the deployment phase, along with the user acceptance tests and final conversion. The project team releases the project before the Go-live milestone is reached.

Operational phase

You can also call upon our consultants with the start-up if needed. You will then be further supported by the support team.

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iFacto  nominated for Trends Gazelle 2019

iFacto nominated for Trends Gazelle 2019

7 January 2019
iFacto nominated for Trends Gazelle 2019 From a group of 67.000 other companies iFacto has been nominated for the rewards of Trends Gazelle 2019. Over 18 years Trends, a business magazine elects the award Trends Gazelle in each region. Nominees are based on figures of turn-over, new employees and added value. ,,All these competitive companies are stimulating a positive business environment. Each of them act like an inspiring role model of innovation and employment opportunities.'' ,,We are very proud of this nomination. It’s a nice reward we have achieved by working hard with the whole company.’’ Steven Arrazole de Onate (CEO iFacto Group). On February 27th and March 28th respectively the Trends Gazellen Ambassador Antwerp and Nation will be elected. We are looking forward to it!
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iFacto on Directions Asia convention in Bangkok
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

iFacto on Directions Asia convention in Bangkok

22 March 2018
Mid-March the Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners met at the Directions Asia convention that took place in Bangkok (Thailand). Directions brought all Dynamics NAV experts worldwide together to exchange new product information and exercise in workshops. Also this year two iFacto specialists and Microsoft MVP’s (Most Valuable Professional) Luc Van Dyck and Eric Wauters were in. The hot topic of this convention was the launch of Microsoft’s new solution, NAV in the cloud: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This year 375 experts of 132 Dynamics NAV partners, coming out of 32 countries participated to this 2-day event where 50 lecturers gave 10 workshops and 33 sessions. Eric Wauters as well was able to lecture two workshops and two sessions, about the new development environment of this ERP-solution. Later this year on the agenda: Directions EMEA and USA. These conventions will take place respectively in The Hague and San Diego. Obviously, iFacto will also participate to this new info share- and network events. So we can well inform and advise our customers of the latest developments.
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