• Advanced Quality Management
  • Dispensing Module
  • GMP Plant Maintenance
  • CAPA Management

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SMB S.M.B. chooses Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and AX for Pharma S.M.B. decided to replace its ERP system that no longer met the business needs.

AX for Pharma Advanced Quality Management

Advanced Quality Management delivers a complete platform within the AX for Pharma ERP solution that provides the quality instruments to fulfill laboratory needs previously handled via expensive LIMS and customizations.

The built-in connection of information and processes ensures accurate monitoring of the value of quality vs. cost of quality, real-time communication between departments, and visibility that spans all business processes and functions.

Quality control or quality assurance processes comply with GxP guidelines and regulatory requirements, in particular Eudralex volume 4 annex 11 and 21 CFR Part 11. You can replace paper-based approvals and documents with electronic processes that improve accuracy and simplify the validation process.

Corrective Action / Preventive Action (CAPA) Management aims to systematically investigate root causes of non-conformities to prevent their recurrence or to prevent the occurrence. This enables you to increase control, correct and prevent issues, measure the outcome and continuously monitor the system.

With our CAPA module your company can ensure compliance, effectiveness and efficiency, increasing at the same time the global quality level thanks to the integration of the CAPA module with the AX for Pharma ERP solution.

Download the factsheet AX for Pharma - Advanced Quality Management


AX for Pharma GMP Plant Maintenance module improves your maintenance performance by improving insight, helping to ensure full control over the maintenance processes, from scheduling preventive maintenance to handling and documenting unplanned service repairs.

For pharmaceutical, chemicals, and life sciences companies that focus on planned maintenance of production plants and equipment, GMP Plant Maintenance helps ensure timely, cost-effective production, optimal delivery performance, and full traceability for critical and regulated equipment.

GMP Plant Maintenance integrates fully with Microsoft Dynamics AX to help you:

  • manage and track plant and equipment maintenance for machinery, scales, instruments, and other critical assets
  • generate preventive and adhoc work orders for servicing plants and equipment

Download the factsheet AX for Pharma - Gmp Plant Maintenance


The AX for Pharma Dispensing Module provides manufacturers with a high level of control and visibility of work-in-progress materials in GxP environments.

The Dispensing Module enables you to connect scales to the ERP production and inventory modules, and it calculates the required quantities of active ingredients and fillers/compensating ingredients to be used. The full integration into ERP also allows the selection of materials according to the FEFO/FIFO method.

As soon as the dispensing operator scans the barcode label of the container being weighed, the dispensing module verifies the batch status, availability and expiry date, thus preventing the use of non-conformant or expired batches in production. The weight registered by the scale is immediately recorded in the production-picking list for consumption, with inventory adjustments in case the actual weighed quantity differs from the theoretical one.

Download the factsheet AX for Pharma Dispensing Module