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Document management is the coordination and control of the flow of documents (storage, retrieval, processing, printing, routing and distribution) in a safe and efficient manner, to ensure that all information is accessible to authorized personnel when required.

Ex Arte is a developer of software for document management and workflow, certified by Microsoft for 'business' and 'information worker' and partner of iFacto.


  • Archiving
  • Contract Management
  • File management
  • E-invoicing
  • Invoices
  • Complaints
  • Offers
  • BOMs


You can view all the necessary documents in any version of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, import and develop workflows to document your processes and to fully automate even more.

The entire process consists of five steps :

  • Scanning: digitize all relevant documents you receive on paper
  • Centralization: the scanned documents are centrally stored in a so-called mailroom , along with existing digital documents such as PDF files, EDI messages and e - mails
  • Pairing: in Microsoft Dynamics ERP you only have to click once to open the document . It was stored at the right place.
  • Read and import: certain documents, such as supplier invoices, are automatically imported through optical character regognition and with or without an approval process put into the appropriate fields in Microsoft Dynamics ERP 
  • Process improvement: what paperwork processes are most interesting to replace with a digital flow, is discussed with you. Before configuring customized processes, the current processes are evaluated and improved were possible.
  • Workflows: once the flow is optimized and defined, the software takes over the process management  and will automatically send calls, questions, reminders, and reports to the appropriate parties involved in the process
Bopro Bopro digitizes invoice flow with Bopro switched its accounting to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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