Markets that cross borders and production lines that are spread all over the world, bring new opportunities, but also more competition. To provide an answer, it is important to make your products also availabel online.


  • Accelerated communication
  • Smoother delivery of products
  • Optimization of service management
  • Comprehensive and free information to the customer
  • Customer can consume time and place independent
  • Overheads are reduced to a minimum


Sana Commerce has 20 years experience in e-commerce and operates worldwide. Sana Commerce, "Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), offers a seamlessly integrated e-Commerce platform based on the Microsoft Dynamics business logic and can be used both as online web store and sales portal. The mobile ordering app provides complete freedom in taking orders for representatives.

Piscaer The future in the showroom of Piscaer Electrical wholesaler Piscaer from Mechelen was stuck with his old IT infrastructure.

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