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  • Warehouse: receipt, transfer, picking, packing, shipping, inventory
  • Logistics
  • Merchandising
  • Sales: consulting Product List (articles, stock, prices), customer information, order entry, merchandising, barcode, scanning, homework
  • Services: job orders, customer and product information, time recording, scanning
  • Inspections
  • Fairs


  • Decentralized entries are immediately visible in your ERP system
  • Customizable mobile interfaces
  • High-speed synchronization
  • Seamless integration with Windows Office applications


Daily you process numerous incoming and outgoing goods for different suppliers and customers. You also take into account the external policies that can pose a real challenge for your organization. For example, the numbering of items in the food industry to make full traceability (from production to delivery) of products possible or processing serial numbers.

Thanks to the warehouse scanning system of Freebility you have:

  • less logistical and administrative work
  • an accurate inventory at any moment
  • an easy tracking of goods

The system can be extended by:

  • the integration of an electronic scale
  • a barcode scanning system that is installed in the vehicle
  • a mobile print of labels / barcodes
Deltalight Delta Light obtains a service level of 98% Because of the numerous products and components, Delta Light relies on a powerful business software system.

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