Webinar | The importance of traceability for the metal sector

The importance of traceability for the metal sector

In many applications where steel is used as an end product, it is important to be able to guarantee the traceability of delivered goods. With iFacto’s dx steel for Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can offer and guarantee your company this traceability.

Manufacturer's certificates

With DX Steel, it is possible to assign a lot number to your goods even before receipt. The unique characteristics of the factory certificate, which can be accessed via a unique QR code label, are then recorded on this lot number. Upon receipt of the goods, this allows you to check this information via the 'Mobile Logistics' scanning app, even before the goods are included in your stock.

Logistics flow

In the further  process of delivering your goods, possibly with internal or external processing, the unique characteristics and corresponding certificates are then transferred to the final (end) product. Based on the delivery of the goods, DX Steel can automatically send the corresponding certificates. This way, you have active traceability, which increases your reliability and efficiency.

In cooperation with the CAS app, it is also possible to further optimise the processing of plant certificates. Finally, this application allows direct searches on the individual chemical values and mechanical properties of the product. On Thursday 24 March next, we will organise a specific Webinar around the CAS app, the necessary info for this can be found on our events page.

Practical details

  • Start at 11:30
  • Duration: 1h
  • The functionalities and qualities of dx steel are explained while you are given a tour of the user environment. Afterwards, time will be provided for a Q&A.

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