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D365 Sales & Marketing

The CRM application that supports users and customers and streamlines the sales process.

Sales and Marketing met Dynamics 365 CRM software

Commercial insights with Dynamics 365

A CRM application that bundles all customer data optimises customer service and promotes cooperation between colleagues. Dynamics 365 Sales (formerly Dynamics CRM) facilitates communication with customers by making the right information available at a glance. Data is easily shared between colleagues and does not have to be processed twice, resulting in fewer errors and better collaboration between different teams.

Dynamics 365 Sales stroomlijnt verkoopprocessen

Dynamics 365 Sales creates trust between customers, suppliers and partners by bundling all information, providing a 360-degree view and valuable insights into customer data and communication, among other things.

Its greatest strength lies in AI (Artificial Intelligence) for automatically generating predictive customer insights. AI insights help make the right decisions and build stronger customer relationships. These advanced and correct insights provide the necessary handles during sales conversations resulting in a higher success rate.  

Dynamics 365 bundelt de nieuwe generatie CRM en ERP applicaties

Besides managing sales processes and customer data through a CRM application, managing other business processes with a thorough ERP solutions is also crucial within daily business operations. The true power of both applications emerges only when they are instantiated. Dynamics 365 manages to bridge the traditional gap between CRM and ERP applications, providing a company-wide view with in-depth insights as well as maximum efficiency.

CRM en ERP applicaties bundelen hun krachten

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