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Filliers Distillery

How to modernize the business flows of a company that’s already present on the market for more than a century, a challenge iFacto was facing when Distillery Filliers came knocking on the door. With a phased ERP-implementation, they managed to streamline all business processes (logistic, administration and finance), including excises duties, WMS-controlled high bay warehouse, quality control system and track&trace. The investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Foodware 365 yielded results with a higher production volume realized with the same number of employees, considerable sales increase and a faster customer service.

Steven Arrazola de Onate (Managing Partner iFacto) en Bart Cnudde (CEO Filliers Distillery)

Aerts NV

Whoever works on a sophisticated brand policy and logistical processing at top level while providing a better service has already taken a major step towards the top. This has been demonstrated in the meantime by the glass and decoration wholesaler Aerts NV.  With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV they streamlined the logistical, administrative and financial processes across the whole the company, while immediately freeing up resources to satisfy the customer demand for an increasingly better supply of information. The integrated platform introduced by iFacto will also allow Aerts NV to continue to optimize and innovate in the coming years, from the integration of a forecasting tool to e-commerce.

Dries Aerts (Aerts NV)


As an importer and distributor, VARO in Lier has a gigantic warehouse: a total surface area of 22,000 m2, where no less than 22 million euros worth of electric and hand tools are awaiting orders from the DIY chains. This means there is always plenty of hustle and bustle at VARO: no fewer than 1,200,000 order lines must be processed each year, the warehouse staff are busy with all the picking, and the maintenance of the machines must also take place on top. Automating a company of this size is no easy matter. But iFacto succeeded perfectly with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, supplemented by a very powerful WMS application.

Steven Arrazola de Oñate (iFacto), Danny Neefs & Jeroen Nys (Varo)


As a distributor and integrator of professional audiovisual equipment, FACE offers a unique form of logistical services: under the name ESP (European Service Point) the company takes responsibility for all the logistical activities of manufacturers for the distribution of their products on the European market. Together with the traditional distribution activities, this results in an annual volume of 120,000 outgoing packages and more than 7,000 collective invoices. Speed and efficiency are decisive for the success that FACE is enjoying today; the investment in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the iFacto Distri+ module proved to be the winning formula. FACE maintains perfect control of the growing logistical activities, and even uses the opportunity to offer customers a fully-fledged e-commerce website as an extra service.

Youri Benoit & Filip De Clerck (Face), Steven Arrazola de Oñate (iFacto)


Electrical wholesaler Piscaer in Mechelen was at a dead end with its old IT infrastructure. Renewal was put off because of the too high development costs, while much time was being lost at the counter on administrative rigmarole. Since 1 January 2008 Piscaer has again been in the IT fast lane. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a business application saves the personnel innumerable hours each and every week, so more time is left to serve customers in the most flexible possible way. This is not unimportant because a top quality service has been symbolic of Piscaer since the very outset.

Ufttools - Uftlas

Maintenance and engineering departments, industrial enterprise, SMEs... Since 1971 thousands of companies have been calling upon wholesaler Ufttools - Uftlas when in need of welding materials or tools. The take-over of Ufttools - Uftlas by the current owners in 2007 immediately marked a new start for this ambitious company. Special attention to professional IT was one of the logical consequences: processes must be able to be controlled and integrated with speed and efficiency. The cooperation with iFacto resulted in the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the iFacto Distri+ module.

Peter De Meester, Nina De Meester & Alain Peirens (Ufttools)

D&M Depot

D&M Depot in Aartselaar distributes its own collections of glassware and stoneware as a decorative article wholesaler.  
The company has been enjoying strong growth in recent years and has opened an office in Hong Kong. The old DOS-based IT system developed by one person was due for replacement by a future-oriented platform that could offer full integration of the financial and logistical processes.  
IT partner iFacto Business Solutions not only implemented an integrated webshop on top of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it also developed a mobile application with which the D&M Depot staff could register orders at trade fairs.


CCI nv, an importer of various Japanese electronic appliances, had already been using an integrated industrial package for years. The system worked reasonably well, but fell short when it came to management reporting. Certain business processes were also still managed by separate applications. When the application reached saturation level, CCI decided to explore the ERP solutions market. The search ended with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Distri+, a universally applicable total solution that would also not cost the earth. It was IT partner iFacto, with its extensive experience in the electrical goods wholesale sector, who CCI entrusted to carry out the implementation.

Eric Van den Broeck & Marco Heylen (CCI), Steven Arrazola de Oñate (iFacto)


Elec-Lightin’Art, a wholesaler in lighting, home automation and electrical installation material, had already been in search of a business management system that could automate all processes with as little as possible custom-made work for some time, or in other words: a standard solution in line with the requirements of the sector.  
In iFacto Distri+, Elec-Lightin’Art found the ideal solution for the efficient automation of all its administrative, logistical and sales processes. Combined with the powerful BI Cubes from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this provided the required insight to ensure continued healthy growth.

Wim Lumbeeck (Elec-Lightin'Art) & Steven Arrazola de Oñate (iFacto)


With boosting sales and reducing costs in mind Gehco, a distributor of sustainable fastening materials and building tools, took the decision to invest in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Thanks to the specific Distri+ module from iFacto, Gehco can now further grow without extra personnel while expanding the range with an enhanced delivery service.

Noël Hendrickx & Olivier Donck (Gehco Fixing), Steven Arrazola de Oñate (iFacto)

De Meester

It is essential for De Meester to deploy its staff more efficiently with as much automation as possible, and with a solution that can grow with the company. That is why De Meester opted for the Distri+ module from iFacto based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Distri+ offered advantages including faster processing at the counter, effective article management and simple purchase planning.

Jonas Rossaert (Horecamaterialen De Meester) & Len Collier (iFacto)


The distributor of Christmas decoration, Goodwill, has a very specific business process because of the peak season. During 9 months of the year, Goodwill works with a virtual stock to register orders that are also not yet billable. The company was looking for an integrated ERP solution enabling in the first place more efficient and correct sales over the various channels. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Distri+, Goodwill now shows a more efficient customer service and better sales performance. In addition, the integration with a Sana web shop accounted for 15% of the first year’s turnover.

Andy Janssens & Johan Van Maercke (Goodwill), Yannick De Decker (iFacto)


The distributor of video materials and installer for the broadcasting industry, wanted to show its entire product portfolio to its customers. That is why Diginet chose a Sana webshop driven by Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Distri+. Previously, the company had worked with an older version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and with another partner, but needed an ERP solution for its distribution activities. Therefore, Diginet chose an upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with iFacto Distri+. In addition, the company deployed warehouse scanning, the Document Management System (DMS) Datahaven and the reporting tool Jet Reports, which are all integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Thanks to this total solution Diginet will make the difference in the digitizing market.

Yannick De Decker (iFacto) & David Van Roy (Diginet)


Rabbit produces ready-made meals with fresh ingredients under a private label or the Rabbit brand. Fresh vegetables are the key with the focus on producing fresh salad meals. Vegetables are freshly purchased and cut every day. This is the starting point for adding value.
Rabbit started its search, not for a supplier, but for a partner. This was to be a partner who would guide them with the automation of integrated business processes to arrive at process optimization, as little stock as possible, a competitive advantage in quality monitoring and follow-up, waste material reduction and as efficient as possible business administration. They found this partner in iFacto, who together with Rabbit rolled out the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SI Foodware total solution.


Aveno, established in the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, produces and trades liquid vegetable oils, premium olive oil, long life frying oil and fats, margarine, tropical or “Fridge-free" margarines, baking margarine, bread improvers, … for domestic and international buyers. With a total solution such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV SI Foodware, Aveno strengthens and optimizes its broad and diversified production capacity, while enabling the company to satisfy the wishes of its customers. As a young and dynamic company Aveno has opted for a package with which they can automate their growing business processes, together with iFacto who joins up with them as a partner.


After the implementation of Smet Production, the business software at Chocolaterie Smet was also set up with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Smet made this choice of a total solution with a unique focus on the food industry, along with the broad experience of the implementation team in the sector. Smet is a reputable Belgian company offering an extremely wide range, specializing in high quality goods consisting of semi-finished products including chocolate, preserved fruit and shavings, and also finished products in the form of hollow chocolate figures in all shapes and sizes. Smet has already been a leading delicacy supplier and problem-solver for the industry for 50 years.

Vermeiren Princeps

Vermeiren Princeps needed an ERP system specifically for a food company to make its further growth controllable. That is why they opted for SI Foodware from iFacto
based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With this solution, the producer of traditional spiced biscuit enjoys benefits such as clear insight into stock, and purchasing and production planning now take place fully automatically. Above all, each employee now has greater insight in all processes, there is more information transparency, and the error rate has been considerably reduced.


S.M.B. is a leading Belgian pharmaceutical company with global ambitions. Because the existing IT system no longer met their business needs, in 2011 it was decided to implement a replacement. 
An important criteria for their choice was support for the strict regulations in the medicines sector, both with the standard package functionality offered and with suitable support from the ERP partner. S.M.B. found the right ERP package at iFacto, being Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 in combination with AX for Pharma, along with the right implementation partner with broad knowledge of the Life Sciences sector.

Welding Company

Welding Company, established in Aartselaar, specializes in the sale and rental of all equipment and associated accessories for welders. The company itself carries out the installation, maintenance and repair of the machines and accessories. Welding Company decided to switch to integrated business software to be able to even better support the increasingly important rental activities, and chose MORE ICT in Kontich as its IT partner.

The Rental+ standard module was built around the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, allowing better control of the rental activities ranging from planning to following up the profitability of the machines. Welding Company greatly appreciated the project follow-up, the financial expertise and the experience of the rental sector at MORE ICT.

Patrik Huysmans (Welding Company)


Qualiphar in Bornem opted for an integrated ERP package to be able to more efficiently comply with the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical sector. IT partner iFacto Business Solutions implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the basic platform for far-reaching process optimization. The company added a large amount of extra functionality at the same time. The use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV gave Qualiphar transparent and integrated processes, streamlined manufacturing and distribution, and a stronger market position with respect to external customers.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon specializes in audiovisual support at company events, has more than 20 years of experience in the sector, and completes 1,400 projects each year. The company from Aartselaar wanted more control of and insight in its accounting processes and financial situation with future growth in mind. That was why the company chose cooperation with iFacto, who implemented the Microsoft Dynamics NAV financial module at Blue Moon. This module automates the accounts and has made the financial workflow at Blue Moon much more efficient.

Gregory Buytaert & Mathieu D'Hondt (Blue Moon)


As a full real estate service provider, Bopro works on the management of the whole life cycle of buildings. Bopro switched to Microsoft Dynamics NAV for its accounts. This platform offered the possibility of optimizing the flow of incoming and outgoing invoices while automating with, the document management solution from IT partner Ex Arte. The project is in a first phase in Bopro’s endeavors to digitize the entire document flow.


The IT & sales manager at the NBN encountered difficulties in implementing thorough reorganization because of the old custom-made package. He knew that Microsoft Dynamics NAV offered the necessary structure and flexibility to support his ideas. In iFacto he found an IT partner who shared his vision and who could complete the implementation in the very short term. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers the NBN crystal-clear accounting figures, good cooperation between all departments, a better service… in short, peace of mind.

Peter Brosens (NBN) & Peter Sente (iFacto)


Showtex, established in Antwerp, is known worldwide in the entertainment business as a trendsetter in textile decoration for theatres, concerts, television, museums and fairs. Today the company has establishments in Antwerp, the Netherlands, Dubai and Hong Kong. Showtex recently switched to a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV business system to better follow its international activities logistically, commercially and financially. The company appreciated the smooth cooperation and the professional knowledge and skills of IT partner iFacto, who brought the project to a successful conclusion.

De Boer

De Boer in Schoten, a third generation family business, knows how to maintain success in competition with a number of giants as a flexible and innovative producer of roof sealing products. Their secret: quality and flexibility. The latter is made possible by means including Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the standard ERP system that efficiently automates all processes at De Boer while making the business information available to everyone.

Delta Light®

Delta Light® in Wevelgem sets itself strict requirements for delivery periods for their design lighting articles. In view of the large number of products and parts, Delta Light® uses a powerful business management system. iFacto Business Solutions has already been the software partner of Delta Light® for six years. They have made impressive progress together with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. From accounting, sales and manufacturing, to material planning and warehouse management. Thanks to the joint efforts Delta Light® now operates with superb efficiency and can also have its customers fully benefit from the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Stany Vervaet (iFacto), Frank Depoorter, Jan Blomme & Hans Maet (Delta Light)


Powder coating company MetaCoat in Lummen came up with an ultramodern installation, far-reaching automation on the shop floor and an environmentally friendly manufacturing method. There was, however, much room for improvement on an administrative level. MetaCoat therefore decided to invest in Microsoft Dynamics NAV: a comprehensive standard ERP system that allows the flexible integration of custom work modules. iFacto succeeded in translating the specific requirements of the powder coating company into an intelligent and transparent pricing system. The comprehensive graphic planning module Planning+ was seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. MetaCoat gains a great deal more from the new solution than initially expected, and is exceptionally satisfied as a result.

Frank Simons (MetaCoat)

Nof Metal Coatings Europe

NOF Metal Coatings Europe is the European subsidiary of NOF Metal Coatings Group, which belongs to the Japanese chemical group NOF Corporation. The group is the inventor of patented zinc-containing anti-corrosion coatings. The coatings ensure a high level of protection against corrosion with a low-thickness dry film. They are the benchmark in the auto and truck industry, and in other industrial sectors such as renewable energy. In 2011 NOF Metal Coatings decided to upgrade the existing Axapta 3.0 ERP system to the most recent version, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. NOF chose iFacto as its partner because of its knowledge and experience in the Semi-Process industry.

BouMatic Robotics

BouMatic Robotics B.V. (BMR) is a dynamic Dutch company focusing on robotization in the dairy farming. The knowledge of and experience in milk technology of American sister company BouMatic goes back generations. BouMatic Robotics has been able to integrate this vast knowledge and experience in a series of modern robots used worldwide in the dairy sector.