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B2B E-commerce.

A simplified and efficient B2B buying process where customer experience is key.

B2B e-commerce geïntegreerd met ERP

A B2B webshop is the norm

In addition to regular sales channels, e-commerce has become more important in recent years, including in the business segment.

Customers expect to be able to order products online as well as options to view current stock, see previous orders, view invoices and download item documentation. Functionalities that a B2B webshop answers to. The right e-commerce solution simplifies the complexity of the B2B buying process and creates a unique customer experience.

Dynamics 365 as an engine for B2B E-commerce

The business applications within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform already offer a lot of functionality, but can easily be supplemented and integrated with comprehensive solutions for specific processes within your organisation. Since all product information and business logic is already present here, an ERP solution can easily be used as the driving force behind a webshop.

 An integrated e-commerce platform ensures optimal sales capacity as well as a high-quality online customer experience.

Een optimale verkoopcapaciteit met geïntegreerde webshop

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