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ERP software for the steel and metal industry

Business productivity reinvented by deploying a complete ERP solution for the forward-looking metal trade.

ERP oplossing voor staalsector en metaalsector

Control over delivery time and quality

Staying ahead of the competition is only possible with deep insight into inventory, prices and margins combined with digital collaboration within the chain. An industry-specific ERP solution on a flexible platform creates the opportunity to increase the added value for service to customers as well as suppliers.

Operations as a service

Besides importing and selling material as a core business, supplying ready-made products, by adding in-house machining, is the distinguishing factor within the metal sector. ERP software, such as dx steel, supports internal, as well as external, production operations including sawing, blasting, drilling, bending, cutting and decoiling. both customer order-driven and for the own stock. The handling of these production orders is done digitally via a shopfloor system.

ERP software voor metaal en staal

Chain integration through connectivity

Smart cooperation with customers and suppliers through quick and easy exchange of e.g. order and delivery messages shortens lead times, avoids unnecessary pressure on employees and reduces the risk of errors. 

Based on the dx steel communication framework the possibility is created to use EDI messages that comply with current market standards.

In addition, the framework creates the flexibility to integrate third-party applications so that departments can function more optimally. Consider links to route planning software such as PTV and Greenroutes.

ERP systeem voor staal en metaal

100% traceable, completely reliable

Active traceability of goods throughout the supply chain ensures reliability as well as efficiency.

Software with the functionality to record lot numbers, on which features such as the batch and/or plate number of the factory certificate and unique labels with QR code can be recorded, offers that possibility.

In this way, goods can be checked and located via scanning, based on batch numbers, among others, the article structure can be automatically linked to the corresponding certificates.

Ontdek de voordelen van ERP software voor metaal- en staalsector


Stricter laws and regulations and more specific customer demand are making the role of material certificate within the metal sector more important.

In addition to traceability to prove the quality of the material, content control is becoming more extensive and the importance of individual, chemical and mechanical properties is increasing.

Processing these certificates also takes more time and energy and requires specific knowledge, so the need for automation and specific software, such as dx steel and CAS, is high.

ERP systeem volledig gericht bedrijven in staal en metaal

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