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ERP software for the wholesale

ERP software as the beating heart of wholesaling. A flexible and integrated platform creates additional added value for services to customers and suppliers.

ERP-software voor groothandel en distributie

Go for more margin and maximum efficiency

As a wholesaler, it is of exceptional importance to receive and ship goods as efficiently as possible and with correct margins. A substantiated procurement proposal, efficient warehouse management with a flexible warehouse layout or a steering WMS, a streamlined supply chain and an integrated web shop provide the solution. All this in 1 platform, integrated and ready for a future in the cloud.

Grip on margins

Maximising margins by negotiating the right cost price and placing purchases smartly without creating unnecessary inventory are some of the targets of every wholesaler.

Payment terms to suppliers and from customers have increased in recent years, which is putting pressure on prices and margins. To keep control of this, it is crucial to determine the right purchasing requirements. The purchasing proposal of Distri+ apps provides substantiated advice based on various parameters (min, max, sales and consumption history, ABC analysis, etc.) and ensures maximum purchasing results.

It also allows for adequate follow up on overseas purchases. Container planning provides visibility of lead time (the ETD and the ETA), stock position and transport costs, enabling total cost management and clear communication with the buyer. This creates reliability in an unpredictable international supply chain.

Verhoog marges met ERP systeem voor groothandel

Efficient warehouse management

In a 24/7 economy, the warehouse is an important foundation of the modern wholesale business and efficient management is necessary.

To achieve optimal warehouse management, it provides Distri+ apps the possibility of choosing a flexible warehouse setup or a fully controlling WMS (Warehouse Management System). Goods are quickly received, moved or dispatched and insight is created into current stock. In this way, the highest possible delivery rate is aimed at.

Efficiënt magazijnbeheer danzkij ERP voor groothandel

Digitalisation of the chain

Digitisation increases efficiency throughout the company. Integrating applications from customers, suppliers and other parties is key to saving time across all processes.

Automating order processing is a part thereof. By using integrated EDI communication (Electronic Data Interchange) within Distri+ Apps, digital communication with customers, suppliers, etc. can be quick and easy.

Geautomatiseerde magazijnverwerking WMS

Customer centricity as a strategic pillar

In the business segment, e-commerce has taken on an increasingly prominent role; Hardly any wholesalers are left without an integrated webshop. An online sales channel will not only increase the number of orders, but also the need for proper management of spare parts, returns and complaints. Customer expectations are increasing, thus increasing the importance of wholesale services.

Distri+ apps meets these issues with capabilities to create an excellent online buying experience, streamline customer enquiries, register and track complaints, as well as centralise requests for spare parts and clearly communicate the status of repairs.

Software oplossingen voor groothandel en distributie

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