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Customer Support

In case of error messages, problems or questions, our Customer Support Team is at your service. 


Whenever possible, report a problem or question via e-mail and always provide sufficient information. For urgent and blocking questions, we can also be reached by phone.

Opening hours

Monday      8u30 - 17u
Tuesday      8u30 - 17u
Wednesday8u30 - 17u
Thursday8u30 - 17u
Friday8u30 - 17u
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Tips and tricks

What info can you pass on to the Support Team?

  • At which company does the problem occur?
  • Which user(s) is/are affected by the problem?
  • Describe the problem/question as clearly as possible and, if possible, include a screenshot of the message. 
  • What actions lead to this problem/message?
  • Which menu brings you to that problem / message?
  • Have any actions already been taken to solve this problem? If so, which actions?
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Support Team

Christian Jouhannet

Christian Jouhannet

Customer Service Consultant
Peter Vanalme

Peter Vanalme

Service Desk | D365 Consultant
iFacto Team

Herman De Meulder

Service Desk | D365 Consultant