Working at iFacto

iFacto is a young and dynamic company. With our continuous growth we are always in search of talented and motivated employees. Quality. Result. Knowledge. Training. Motivation. Each and every one are key concepts for us iFactoers.

Can you identify yourself with these qualities? Do you enjoy working with colleagues in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere? A career at iFacto may be something for you!



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Training days in 2016

Investing in knowledge

iFacto’s success is also down to the enormous functional and technical knowledge of our people. There are also two MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Person) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV working at iFacto: Eric Wauters (alias Waldo) and Luc Van Dyck (organizer NAV Tech Days).

To keep knowledge up to level and share it among colleagues, we regularly provide training such as monthly Technical and Functional Deepdives, NAV Tech Days, Directions EMEA, Directions US, Directions ASIA, Plataan, etc.

In 2016 iFacto organized 3,570 hours or 471 days of training for its employees.

Our development methodology

We develop software solutions by means of a meticulously detailed development methodology, that is not only focused on on-time delivery. 
The code produced must also comply with all quality requirements including readability, maintainability, expandability, upgradeability, etc.

iFacto has put a great many organizational features in place to achieve this:

  • A series of “Design Patterns”, that help us to efficiently and unambiguously structure the code to satisfy all quality requirements.
  • A clear issue tracking system that serves as the basis for all documentation and communication.
  • All code for all customers and products is “source controlled” in detail using TFS. Thanks to “iFacto Revision” the link with TFS is seamless, offering high efficiency for the developer.
    This way of working allows us to follow the developers even more effectively.

Our DEV Leads also work regularly on source code and architecture checks and make adaptations as required. In this way everyone obtains personal follow-up and we can clearly measure and follow up quality.

Pleasant working environment and atmosphere

A pleasant working environment, a relaxed atmosphere and collegiality are just as important to us! This is why in recent years iFacto has invested in offices in Kontich and Hasselt with Flex Desks where you can work seated or standing. At iFacto we also think of the health of our people, each day providing fresh fruit with tasty soup and vegetables every week.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! We sometimes enjoy a game of pool or kicker to get the weekend off to a good start. iFactoers not only have fun within the office walls, a team meeting is combined with a relaxing group activity some four times a year.

Does the idea of working for iFacto also appeal to you?

iFacto is a company where everyone’s door is always open. This means the staff are always on standby to assist you with any questions. “Deep Dives” also take place each month so the knowledge never stays with one person and you also continue to develop yourself. In so doing the group atmosphere at iFacto always stays optimal and you never feel let down.

Tom Van Mierlo - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical Consultant
Tom Van Mierlo

Started ten years ago at iFacto in an enjoyable gang of ten.

Now the same convivial gang of 50.


Filip Van Den Broeck - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functional Consultant
Filip Van Den Broeck

Always working with the latest versions, sufficient challenges and super colleagues, that’s what you’ll find at iFacto. Enrichment of your knowledge in the best development team in Belgium. What more could you want?

Gunter Peeters - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical Consultant
Gunter Peeters

As an administrative staff member my days are always varied and instructive. Being responsible for invoicing, license management and all-round tasks I always enjoy supporting all my colleagues in their work. I certainly have no regrets about starting work at iFacto almost ten years ago. Hopefully I will also shortly be able to welcome you as a new colleague too!

Els Hofinger - Administrative coordinator
Els Hofinger

Following new ICT technologies and trends, highly varied assignments and challenging projects, coming into contact with different business sectors and processes, working creatively, and all this in a pleasant and congenial working environment, mean working at iFacto continues to be enjoyable, fascinating and challenging.

Idris 't Jolle - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical Consultant
Idris 't Jolle

I’ve already been working at iFacto for five years. I arrived in a group of people with an unbelievably wide range of knowledge and skills. What struck me straight away was how the members of this multidisciplinary team were all focused on the same end result, the satisfaction of the customer. The great diversity of customers and sectors means each new day is always a challenge. Challenges I rise to 100% with my liking. 

Peter Vanalme - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functional Consultant (helpdesk)
Peter Vanalme

Working at iFacto is the business!

You are surrounded by terrific and experienced colleagues.

The job is highly varied, challenging and amazingly instructive.

Kelly Vantorre - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functional Consultant
Kelly Vantorre