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ERP software for manufacturing companies

fully digitised production process and more innovative manufacturing through integrated ERP software for manufacturing companies.

ERP-software voor productie en assemblage

Dynamic software for innovative manufacturing

An industry-specific ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, facilitates the digitization of the entire production process, from the shop floor to the warehouse, from production to delivery. Thus, high production costs can be avoided and both efficiency and delivery reliability increase.

Easy management of manufacturing parts lists

One integrated system for all semi-finished and finished products results in easy management of recipes, parts lists or bill of materials (BOM). This ensures transparency in the current bill of materials, previous versions and any temporary adjustments. 

Control manufacturing orders and write off consumption during manufacturing with the manufacturing parts lists. The control of consumption can take place using different methods:

Stuur productieorders aan en boek de verbruiken tijdens de productie af met de productiestuklijsten. De aansturing van het verbruik kan volgens verschillende methodes verlopen:

  • forwards (according planned totals with the creation of a manufacturing order)
  • backwards (according planned totals with the booking of the finished product)
  • manually (according actual totals)
Eenvoudig beheer van productiestuklijsten, Bil Of Material BOM, en recepturen

Manufacturing support from solid manufacturing planning

Delivery reliability based on optimum planning for both Make-to-Order, Make-to-Stock companies, assembly companies, etc. is are key concepts in a manufacturing environment. With Dynamics 365 and the iFacto tools, production planning can be fine-tuned with orders, historical sales and forecasts.

Based on manufacturing requirements a manufacturing proposal (MPS) is generated, optimized by reducing setting times to the extent possible. Besides clear capacity summaries, supply chain optimization and facilitating outsourcing are also part of production planning.

Productieplanning met MPS en omzettijden en steltijden met behulp van ERP

ERP integrated on the shop floor

The integration of an ERP system on the shop floor provides real-time insight into all current data. Production is adjusted with the most up-to-date information and orders.

  • Integration with machines and scales.
  • RF scanning for accurate loading and unloading of raw materials, packaging, semi-finished and finished goods to and from the production environment.
  • Labels can be printed directly from Dynamics 365 in production, ensuring all products are correctly identified and barcoded.
ERP integratie op de werkvloer met real-time inzichten

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