Webinar | scanning and processing of steel certificates

CAS: scanning and processing of steel certificates

Do you work in buying and selling or processing steel? If so, you probably spend more and more time and energy processing, recording and checking your material certificates. The role of this certificate will become even more important in the future. Thus, not only traceability of quality control will be important, but also content control will become more extensive. Besides checking certificates types, individual, chemical and mechanical properties are becoming increasingly important. Finally, customer demand is becoming increasingly specific, partly due to stricter laws and regulations, which will require you to set up your organisation even more effectively. With the CAS app for Microsoft Dynamics 365, you therefore ensure that your material certificates can be processed fully automatically from now on.

Eliminate risks & increase customer satisfaction

Processing incoming material certificates often consists of repetitive tasks and also requires specific knowledge, accuracy and a sizeable concentration of your employees. A small mistake in this process, therefore, can lead to major consequences.

The CAS app ensures that material certificates can be processed fully automatically from now on. Through the collaboration between iFacto Business Solutions and CAS Quality Control, an intelligent link has been built which automatically links certificates to the correct product number in DX Steel. CAS automatically retrieves the PDF certificate from your e-mail and checks that the batch numbers found have also been reported in DX Steel. This means that the relevant certificate can be found at the touch of a button.

Want to know what materials you have in stock? Use advanced search filters such as: quality, product features or a combination of these.... Sending the right certificate to your customer will no longer cost you any time and effort. In fact, when preparing invoices, the corresponding certificates can be displayed immediately, so you have the total file ready in no time.

CAS: digitisation of steel certificates and complex documents

CAS' software allows you to record and retrieve complex data, check it directly and make it available, including

  • standard certificate data: charge/heat, plate, tube or coil number, dimensions, grades and standards.
  • Mechanical properties: impact, tensile and yield strength.
  • Chemical properties: carbon equivalent and all listed elements.
  • Stamps of inspection bodies.

Practical details

  • Start at: 11:30
  • Duration: 1h
  • The functionalities and qualities of CAS Quality Control for D365 are explained while you are given a tour of the user environment. Afterwards, time will be provided for a Q&A.

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