Webinar | B2B e-commerce is the standard

Putting your customer first with B2B E-commerce

Also in 2022, an increasing number of companies are recognising the power of the internet. Opt for smarter sales and greater customer satisfaction by launching or optimising your own web shop. Sana Commerce's B2B web shop is 100% integrated with your ERP application based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide real added value. With Sana Commerce you have a powerful online sales platform which allows your company to grow online.

B2B customised e-commerce

Sana Commerce's B2B web shop works seamlessly with your ERP system, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Stock levels, shipping information, order history, etc. are all integrated, allowing you to offer your customers a user-friendly and successful web shop.

Furthermore, your employees will have to spend less time on administrative tasks and processes, freeing up more time to increase customer satisfaction, streamline your processes and improve sales. So with a web shop, you not only create higher sales, Sana Commerce's solution also helps you process your orders efficiently.

24/7 online self-service

B2B customers demand a unique consumer experience. With B2B e-commerce you are able to give your customers 24/7 access to your products and services, thus increasing your reach. With a web shop fully integrated with your ERP software, you are even able to do this with real-time data for an optimal customer experience. Finally, you minimise administrative errors and automate your order processing.


  • Start at 11:30
  • Duration: 45min
  • The functionalities and qualities of Sana Commerce for D365 are explained while you are given a tour of the user environment. Afterwards, time will be provided for a Q&A.

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