Did you know that iFacto is part of Oxygen Group?

Did you know that iFacto is part of a strong group of companies known as Oxygen Group?

In November 2023 we celebrated the rebranding of iFacto Group to Oxygen Group. A group that binds strong companies who are experts in Microsoft Business Applications together. They provide us with the oxygen we need to keep on growing and to focus on what we do best.

As an expert in Dynamics 365, we are your proud partner in helping you by building transformative tools and applications. We are not alone though, but strengthened by complementary companies who all reside under the same group. Together, we are thé reference in developing and implementing Microsoft Business Applications in all shapes and sizes. Until now, we were united under the group name “iFacto Group”. But as our group continued to grow, we found ourselves needing a clear vision, supported by a new brand that would eventually mark the next chapter in our group’s story: say hello to Oxygen Group

So, who exactly is Oxygen Group? You can look at it as a cultivating home that binds companies who are expert in everything Microsoft Business Applications related and helps us – as experts in Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management en Dynamics 365 Project Operations – to keep on growing. Our group provides us with the oxygen we need to focus on what we do best: provide you with the most qualitative tools and the best possible service level. The Oxygen Group makes us grow in the best conditions, with a stable environment, all of this with a mix of quality and a no-nonsense approach. 

Being part of a thriving group of companies like Oxygen Group only bolsters our confidence that we can keep on building on our own story and continue to deliver the most qualitative solutions you can imagine.

Do you want to learn more about our group?

Don’t hesitate to check out www.oxygengroup.be or reach out to your contact at iFacto.

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